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Knowledge is power!

At hoamz we truly believe that to make the best real estate decisions you need to be as informed as possible. Our agents study and discuss trends and stats, to make sure at all times we know what’s happening in your area. We also like to share this information with our customers, to make sure they too can see the patterns and understand when is the right time to buy and sell for them.

The key components of market knowledge are number of sales, sales price and days to sell.

Number of sales – this tells us exactly how many of each type of property (dwellings and sections) have been sold in any given period. This information can be used to help understand whether you’re working in a buyer’s market or a seller’s market. For more information on the advantages and disadvantages of buying and selling in each market, please get in touch.

Median sales price – this is the median price across all dwellings or sections sold within the specified period. Sometimes there will be figures which don’t fit a pattern when a large number of lower or higher priced properties have sold within the period, but a trend line can give a general idea of what’s happening with real estate sales prices in your area. 

Days to sell – this is a key element to take into account when looking at buying or selling. Shorter days to sell generally means higher buyer activity, and can indicate a sellers’ market. Higher days to sell often means more competition between houses and buyers taking a more relaxed approach to making offers.

Click on one of the links below to see the market report for your area.


Please note, data presented within these reports is taken from REINZ statistics. Only sales by licensed real estate agents are covered within these figures and do not include private or developer direct sales. Data is available monthly in arrears and presented as soon as possible after release. These figures exclude all rural, lifestyle and commercial sales.