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The key to selling your home for a great price? Quite simple really.

At hoamz, it’s not just about getting your property sold; it’s about getting it sold for the maximum achievable price, whilst making the process as easy as possible for you. We want you to be so happy with the result that our relationship lasts well beyond the initial transaction. It’s our hoamz commitment to you.

Even the most astute investor will be encouraged by a well-presented property. We’re not going to tell you to turn the coffee pot on and bake some bread (though it helps), but we have got some practical suggestions to encourage potential purchasers to go one step further and give your property the attention it deserves.

When the time comes to sell, our trained Property consultants can help you identify ways to increase the appeal of your investment to your most likely buyer profile. In the meantime, spend some time considering the following ideas – after all, every little helps.

  1. Make the property feel inviting
    Buyers like to imagine what it would be like to live in a property, so try to make it easy for them to feel good about yours. Gentle music, a light fragrance from an oil burner and a few scattered cushions can make all the difference on inspection day. The power of emotion is strong, even with a seemingly shrewd investor.
  2. Less is more
    It may be an old cliché, but it‘s a fact. Clear out the clutter. It makes the property feel more spacious, which can in turn allow potential buyers to visualise how to put their own touches into the home.
  3. Let the sun in
    Has a buyer ever complained of too much sun? Not in our experience! Everyone loves sunshine, so open up blinds and curtains for inspections, and make sure that windows are clean inside and out. With outlooks like ours, it pays to make the most of them.
  4. Fix outstanding repairs
    Particularly the obvious ones! Even the smallest of issues can make buyers wary about other, less obvious issues. Fix what people will see, and make the property appear well-cared for.
  5. Clear up lawns and gardens and remove rubbish
    The garden is quite often the last thing on the list for vendors. However for buyers, it can form that crucial first impression. Some key points to consider include:
    • Remove children’s bikes and toys where possible
    • Make sure bins and composts are out of sight
    • Clean outdoor furniture and clear paths of moss and leaf debris
    • Prune shrubs and trees and mow lawns to look tidy
    • Keep on top of weeds
  6. The kitchen
    A good kitchen can help sell a property. Not only is it an essential part of a home, but it can be the most inconvenient and expensive to replace or refurbish, so its condition will often influence the value of a property. If your kitchen is a little dated, there are a few simple ways in which you can increase its appeal:
    • Change cupboard handles for something more modern
    • Put appliances out of sight and keep bench space clear
    • Pay special attention to the cleanliness of sinks, stoves and ovens
    • Wipe marks from cupboard doors and splash-backs 
  7. Master bedroom
    Another very important room. Make it as inviting and relaxing as possible, with candles, beautiful bed linen and cushions to create a sanctuary-like feel. If the room is large enough, include a comfy chair and coffee table.
  8. Pets
    Not everyone appreciates pets in the same way as their owners, so it can be a good idea to minimise the impact of animals on the house when selling. Try these simple tips:
    • Take pets to visit family and friends during open homes and inspections
    • Move bowls, toys and bedding out of the house, and keep them as clean as possible
    • Air the property for a few hours before inspection
    • Pick up any ‘surprises’ in the garden