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Dave Hegarty
It’s said that there’s no ‘I’ in team, and that’s certainly the case with Dave Hegarty – the hoamz team philosophy was never so well represented as with this Southland family man! Not only does Dave bring his own skills and commitment to the property sales table, he brings the avid support and ‘can-do’ attitude of his entire family. While wife Michelle’s technical know-how helps elevate Dave above the average, their grown-up children regularly come along to mow the lawns, clean the windows or do whatever it takes to get Dave’s clients’ properties looking their very best.

The team approach is nothing new for the active guy – years spent playing Rugby for his beloved Collegiate and integral positions at the Tiwai Point smelter, including in the all-important medical emergency role have taught Dave the value of surrounding yourself with strong and reliable, likeminded people.

When Dave’s not out listing and selling property he can be found spending time with the wife and kids – whether gathering kai moana or managing the bar for the annual Burt Munro Challenge, the dedicated family man is out there doing it.

And as for his real estate career? ‘I love a challenge’ says Dave. Several years of experience have taught the agent to work smart to get the best results for his vendors, and he’s always keen to hone and tweak his skills and systems to keep at the forefront of Invercargill property.

Go Team Hegarty!