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Ways to sell your property

There are multiple different methods of selling property, and whilst vendors often already have a preference, part of our job is to recommend the best way to maximise your sale price. The strategy which is chosen can depend on several factors, including:

  • The vendor’s priorities in the sale – timing, price, privacy etc
  • Whether they have already committed to another property, necessitating a short campaign
  • Whether the property is in an area with predictable pricing
  • Whether the price the vendor would like is deemed realistic in the current market hence should be advertised
  • Previous vendor experiences
  • Advertising budget

We’ve summarised below some of the key elements of each strategy.

Fixed price marketing

  • Buyers like to see a price to allow them to form a shortlist
  • No limitations on sale time
  • Potential to ‘damage’ property with purchasers if overpriced
  • Little sense of urgency for purchasers
  • Price is usually negotiated down rather than up
  • Tailored marketing package available  to suit your budget


  • Maximum Price – Competition between buyers will generate the best price the market is willing to pay
  • Skilled Auctioneer – a great negotiator working on your behalf
  • No complex financial clauses – Cash unconditional offers only
  • Urgency – Limited time means buyers must act now and not drag out negotiations, giving you a deadline to plan your next move
  • Peace of mind – Unconditional offers so no fear of collapsed contracts
  • Reserve Price – you’re in control of your price
  • Confidentiality – Your price expectation is not revealed
  • Exposure – Maximum profile according to your budget
  • No procrastination – Qualified buyers and sellers only
  • Negotiations – Go up rather than down
  • Fear – some vendors can be nervous of the transparency of the  process

Price by negotiation

  • No upper limit to sale is set
  • Encourages enquiry
  • Danger of ‘if there’s no price I can’t afford it’ mentality
  • Tailored marketing package to suit your budget

Tender/Deadline sale

  • Sets a deadline for the sale – shows urgency
  • Tender closed until final day – Deadline Sale offers can be reviewed at any point in the campaign
  •   Makes buyers put their ‘best foot forward’
  •  Allows conditional  offers
  •  Additional marketing campaign is a must