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Selling your property

Everyone’s different when the time comes to sell their home. Your priority might be the time it sells in, the sale price, the conditions of the sale or even the ability to rent it back. At hoamz we understand that, and work with you to fit your priorities whilst maximising your sale price. 

We’ll work for you at every stage of the process, from appraising the value of your asset, compiling the documentation, creating a compelling snapshot through marketing, negotiating and finalising the sale, right up to the hand-over of the keys. Our appraisals are based on current market stats and a wealth of local knowledge, so you can be confident you’re attaining the optimum market value.

We do it differently

Our database of buyers and our unsurpassed teamwork are two areas which set us apart and enable us to achieve our market-leading results. Talk to us about how these two elements can make a world of difference in your final sale price.

We share a genuine passion to help match buyers and sellers of houses, sections, apartments, units, businesses and commercial property in Southland and Balclutha.

If selling a property is high on your list of priorities right now, you're in the right place, because when it comes to buying or selling – it pays to talk to hoamz.

Our reputation and ‘hallmark’ are our abilities to listen carefully, understand thoroughly, deliver diligently and help you achieve all of your property ambitions.

To start the discussion about finding a buyer for your Invercargill property or Clutha District property call hoamz now.