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Ross Malcolm
Real estate is all about building relationships as well as building houses and few people understand that as well as Ross Malcolm. 35 years of experience in residential design, building projects, subdivision development and sales throughout Invercargill and Southland have given Ross the ultimate background for a successful real estate career. A reciprocal arrangement with go-getting real estate agents in the district mean he’s seen every aspect of the industry and has an empathetic perspective on the buying and selling processes. His vision has created some notable homes in the district and he’s proud of maintaining exceptional quality and style in his projects.

Ross’s long-time Southland business and personal contacts have meant his transition into real estate has been a comfortable one. His time in the business world has provided him with the foundations to achieve great results and with his friendly, down-to-earth personality, he says he’s keen to help others realise the great lifestyle and freedom that the Southland area offers.

From designing and building distinctive real estate to selling it, Ross reckons that he’s “still dealing with top shelf products and a top shelf team.”

That’s what we like to hear.