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Meeting us for the first time

If you’re coming for an interview with hoamz, be it as a property consultant, property manager, marketer or admin staff member, we’d love you to put your best foot forward. Take the time to have a thorough look through our website – maybe pop in and ask for some of our company collateral – either way, it’s important to us that you’re passionate about both property and people and know how to make a good impression.

So why would we like you to research us?

  1. It helps you understand if you’d fit within our organisation
  2. It’ll inevitably throw up some questions for you, to make sure you get the most out of the interview
  3. It gives you the chance to get under the skin of our organisation

Come equipped

Before your interview, take the time to have a good look over your current CV/resume. Does it show us why you’re suitable for the job, and have you been sure to exclude irrelevant information. Show us what makes you tick and why you’d be perfect in the role – if your teenage paper route didn’t give you skills to equip you in real estate, then take it off your CV!

Work out what you need to know about us – we’re real estate people so we love to talk! Ask us well thought-out questions about the role, the team, the environment, the remuneration, the philosophy – genuine interest goes a long way.

Ask us for a job description beforehand and read it carefully – we’re here to clarify any questions you might have about the role. And if you have ideas of other areas you’d like to evolve the position into – tell us! We’re only as good as the sum of our parts, so we strive to have the best team and an open environment that’s receptive to everyone’s ideas.

Bring supporting materials too – if you’re seeking a marketing role, show us what you’ve done before – a compact portfolio will speak more volumes than most words can.

And finally (yes, it’s kind of obvious), look smart. Be on time. Bring high energy and don’t be afraid to trumpet your skills.