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Invercargill City Council buy parks for upwards of $100,000


INV-city-council-buys-parksThe Invercargill City Council has bought two new parcels of land, one in South City and the other in Bluff.

The sections - one which is presently used as a basketball court and community garden in South City, and the other, the Bluff skate park, were purchased to secure their use by the council.

The South City land cost $100,000 while the Bluff property cost $70,000. 

Council chief executive Richard King said the council had purchased the land on Grace St and Ness St so it would be available for South Alive's continued use.

Cr Neil Boniface said the three adjoined properties in South City were purchased for $100,000. 

South Alive spent a lot of money putting in the garden, and gym equipment, Boniface said. 

"We thought it was good to have that land rather than having some developer come in and bulldoze it all down." 

The transaction would allow South City to have full use of the site, Boniface said. 

He said in the future the land could be made residential for development.

A second park, the Bluff skatepark on 125 Gore St, was sold to the council on March 31. 

Boniface said like the park developed by South Alive, the Bluff Community Board spent money building the park.

It was positive for the council to purchase the park on their behalf, he said. 

Council parks and reserves manager Robin Pagan said the purchase of the Bluff park was the ideal solution to keep the park in the community. 

"If it was sold we would have had to create another skate park somewhere else at a greater expense." 

The council was moving through a process of acquiring parks, Pagan said. However, no other parks were yet purchased by the council parks division in the last two months. 

"It's really just tidying up a whole lot of pieces of reserves and sorting those out."