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Eight tips for preparing for spring sale

Eight-tips-for-springThe signs of spring are all here – warmer weather, trees blossoming and bulbs poking their heads up for a look around. Alongside that, we usually see a flurry of new properties coming onto the market. If you’re planning on selling this spring, it pays to take the time to present your property to stand out from the crowd. Here are our top tips for making that happen.

  1. Clean – it’s the most obvious one, but a grubby home can be a real turn off, and make buyers focus on that instead of its more appealing attributes
  2. Store and declutter – a furniture and nik-nak filled home can be lovely to live in but not so much to view. Consider renting a storage unit if you’re overflowing. An added advantage is that some of the packing is already done when you move!
  3. Consider the first impression – approach your house as a potential buyer would – what do you notice? If there are things that look less-than-enticing to you, they probably look that way to buyers too – can they be fixed?
  4. The little things – if there are repairs you’ve been putting off doing, then take a moment to prioritise them. The most obvious issues are the ones to tackle first, for example cracked windows or broken taps. It can make a significant price difference for buyers to perceive that the home has been well cared-for
  5. Kitchens and bathrooms – they’re the big ticket items for buyers, so make them look as good as you can. If a new handle will give a lift to kitchen cabinetry, then do it, however, it’s often not worth spending up big on these areas prior to sale just in case buyers have differing taste to you
  6. Outside – make the lawn green and lush with a spray feed to take advantage of the spring growth, and borrow a water blaster to clean up paved areas. If you’re waiting for flowers to come out, it’s easy to buy cost-effective potted colour and plant it to present a fresh face
  7. Styling – perhaps it’s a sign of the times we live in, but we are increasingly seeing vendors seeking style inspiration when presenting their home for sale. If the budget doesn’t stretch to consulting a professional stylist, then check out Pinterest and Google for some ideas
  8. And finally – get a second opinion. Once you’ve done what you consider essential and feel that your home’s looking good, get a friend, neighbour or your hoamz agent to cast their eye over everything

Good luck with the sale!