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Don Sutherland
A love of Southland’s in the blood for Don Sutherland. Having lived in Invercargill his whole life, he’s a man with ties of every kind in the district, and a serious passion for bringing loyalty, honesty and integrity to all his business transactions. Working in the transport industry has given Don a lifetime of opportunity to really understand people and their needs. Time spent in transport has also granted the local’s local a real knowledge of every nook and cranny of our Southern jewel.

Motivated by a real sense of satisfaction from bringing together buyers and sellers, Don’s understanding of the real estate market combines with a role in the successful hoamz team to ensure out-of-the-box results for his customers.

Outside of office hours you’ll find Don on a course – a golf course, that is! He’s also got a history in local sports, ranging from cricket to softball and rugby. Along with wife Andrea and grown-up children Brad and Anna, Don’s a prime example of how Invercargill’s the perfect place to raise a family – and he isn’t afraid to tell people about it!