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Renting is a big deal 

There are lots of things to organise and a lot to remember. Do your sums, and work out what you can afford to pay before you commit to anything.

When you first move in you'll need to pay rent in advance and you will need to pay a bond. That can add up.

If the property rent is $500 per week, then you will need to make the following payment to secure the property:

1 week's rent
Bond (4 x $500)
Total to move in


As a tenant you must:

  • Pay the rent on time
  • Pay all charges for the telephone electricity and gas
  • Keep the place reasonably clean and tidy
  • Tell hoamz to rent as soon as possible about any damage or anything that needs to be fixed
  • Repair any damage you or your visitors cause on purpose or by being careless
  • Make sure there are no more people living in the property that the tenancy agreement states
  • Use the property only for the specified purpose
  • Let the landlord show prospective tenants, buyers or valuers through the property at times and in a way that suits that landlord and tenant
  • Leave at the end of the tenancy and:
    • Take away all your belongings
    • Take away your rubbish/recycling
    • Leave the property reasonably clean and tidy
    • Give back all keys, access cards, garage door openers and other ways of getting in
    • Leave everything the landlord owns

Tenancy Types

There are two main types of tenancy. They are a periodic tenancy and a fixed-term tenancy.

  • Periodic tenancy
    • A periodic tenancy lasts until either the tenant gives the required notice that they want to leave or the landlord gives the required notice for the tenants to leave
  • Fixed-term tenancy
    • A fixed-term tenancy finishes on a date that is written in the tenancy agreement. The landlord can't give the tenant notice to quit before then. The tenant can't give notice to leave before that date either.


A bond is money the tenant pays at the start of the tenancy to cover anything they owe at the end. We ask for the equivalent of 4 weeks rent. The bond is legally required to be lodged with the Department of Building and Housing. Hoamz to rent can claim from the bond on behalf of the owner any money owing at the end of the tenancy, for example unpaid rent or property damage.


Below are a selection of our key forms to download. Please let us know if there's anything else you need!

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    165 Dalrymple Street

    • Bedrooms5
    • Bathrooms1
    • Garage1

    $360.00 Per Week

    Ref: 27191
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    124 Catherine Street

    • Bedrooms3
    • Bathrooms2

    $360.00 Per Week

    Ref: 25952
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    37 Fairview Avenue

    • Bedrooms1
    • Bathrooms1

    $170.00 Per Week

    Ref: 27732
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    Unit 5, 71 MacMaster Street

    • Bedrooms5
    • Bathrooms2
    • Garage1

    $550.00 Per Week

    Ref: 28096
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    Unit 1, 122 Herbert Street

    • Bedrooms2
    • Bathrooms1

    $290.00 Per Week

    Ref: 28094
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    Unit *Rooms, 64 Margaret Street

    • Bedrooms1
    • Bathrooms2

    $170.00 Per Week

    Ref: 27873
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    Unit ROOMS, 46 Lowe Street

    • Bedrooms1
    • Bathrooms1

    $180.00 Per Week

    Ref: 28045