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Make it easy for buyers

make it easy for buyersWe live in the information age, a fact that has never been more evident in real estate. Buyers in 2017 are savvy – they understand the ins and outs of buying a home, and there has never been more freely-available access to information on both the buying process and property statistics.

As a team, we encourage our vendors to be up-front with the facts (a legal requirement) and also to provide as much information as possible to potential purchasers. Removing barriers to purchase that can be caused by lack of it can mean an easier, faster sale and a better sale price. So how do you achieve that? All it takes is a little commitment to paperwork! Below are our recommendations for making it easy for buyers to choose your asset:

  1. Get the information together – before you list the property, take time to gather together all the paperwork you have on the home. There’s likely to be plenty! The more information you can provide to us as property consultants, the smoother the process will be
  2. Invest in a LIM – many buyers are now wanting a Land Information Memorandum before confirming a sale, understandably as they contain valuable particulars on the use of the property and the consent history of it. LIM reports cost between $200 and $315 depending on your area and the speed of the report – either way, it’s worth getting one to avoid delays for buyers
  3. Consider a building inspection – for an investment of around $800 you’re ensuring peace of mind for yourself by knowing that there are no nasties lurking in your home, and also offering potential purchasers an independent, up-front approach to learning more about the property. Any issues highlighted can be rectified prior to bringing the home to the market, meaning less delays at later stages
  4. Warranties and guarantees – turf out your filing cabinets and drawers and find the warranty on the plaster system and the instruction manual on the oven. Having these together from the start demonstrates that you’re organised, which can reassure buyers as well as preventing a last-minute panic when you’re moving
  5. Know your asset – when was the exterior last painted? Have the gutters been cleaned recently? Does the chimney need sweeping? All of these maintenance issues are handy for new owners, so try to get the facts all in one place
  6. Rates database information, Certificate of Title, floor plans, sizes, photos, creative copy, rental appraisal – don’t worry, we’ve got these covered!