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Steve Lindsay
Property buyers and sellers crave down-to-earth context, reasoned advice and market know-how - that’s where Steve comes in. Steve’s proven, potent mix of skills and experience covers every essential for real estate success. As an award-winning marketer and seasoned salesperson, he understands that, while showing property, listing property and managing detailed paperwork and legalities capture the essence of what he does; it’s in the doing that makes all the difference. Harnessing the power of the hoamz team and his local knowledge gleaned from 30 years in Queenstown, specifically engaged in real estate since 2003, Steve’s a well- known cog in the business machine of the town.

His intuitive approach and street-smart thinking keep pace with both clients’ needs and the ever-changing market. Unafraid to tackle new technologies and strategies head-on, Steve’s boundless energy and head for figures mean his customers benefit from a comprehensive understanding of real estate dynamics. His philosophy – ‘don’t just do it, do it extraordinarily well’!