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Nick Eyre
It’s been a long journey, geographically speaking, and one peppered with adventure for Nick Eyre but he’s found his home in real estate at hoamz. The British ex-pat grew up on the small island of Guernsey in the English Channel, and after a few years studying for his degree on the mainland, travel beckoned. Never one to do things by halves, Nick opted to move to the other side of the world to pursue his love of the outdoors.

An instant attraction to Queenstown sealed the deal – Nick made his home here and quickly established himself as a well-known face in the tourism and hospitality industries. Of particular note was a role with Queenstown’s renowned Canyon Swing. Nick’s well-developed people skills meant encouraging jumpers to tackle the daunting 109m drop was easy. As the man himself says ‘if I can guide people through that, I can guide them through anything’ – a philosophy which stands him in good stead as a real estate sales consultant!

Real estate’s in the blood for Nick, with a family history of property investing piquing his interest at an early age. The challenge of working in such a dynamic industry along with being able to help people through some of the most demanding decisions of their life was irresistible. Nick’s ‘can do’ attitude and cheerful persona are sure-fire drawcards for buyers and sellers. Joining hoamz was a natural decision – Nick wanted to be in an office ‘with a bit of life in it’ and hoamz’s bustling downtown team fit the bill perfectly.

Spare time spent in the hills around the town snowboarding, hiking, hunting, fishing (though he confesses to not catching much!) and generally exploring the area keep the lively local busy.

So that’s an adventure-loving nature, hard-working outlook, a seriously motivated attitude, a fan of the outdoors, a wealth of real estate knowledge and exemplary people skills. To unashamedly coin a real estate cliché, Nick ticks all the boxes.