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Fred Bramwell
Decades spent managing Queenstown businesses have positioned Fred Bramwell as an industry leader. Clear vision and strong decision-making are the bywords of Fred’s leadership style, allowing him to develop and execute company strategy whilst always keeping the big picture in mind.

An understanding of the skills needed at every level of the business mean Fred has an appreciation for every team member in every department. Demonstrating strong leadership for the sales team, he’s steered hoamz through a major rebrand, geographical expansion, significant market changes and the introduction of new business arms, always with an eye to the future. Compliance with real estate law and codes of conduct are all part of the job, and an area in which Fred thrives with his uncanny ability to see every side and implement ideas and concepts to identify issues before they arise, and negotiate smart solutions when necessary.

A Queenstown local for more than 28 years, Fred’s business acumen in the early days led him to start a successful white-water rafting business, a company that made him a major player on the region's booming tourism stage. A move into real estate was the obvious progression for performance-driven Fred. As one of the founding Sales Consultants at hoamz (then known as Southern Lakes Real Estate), Fred’s business acumen and drive to succeed helped the company go from rank outsiders to Queenstown’s leading real estate agency in just a few short years. Alongside residential and commercial sales, Fred specialised in the burgeoning apartment market, correctly identifying the niche as the ‘next big thing’ in real estate.

A lifelong interest in the property market, has seen Fred involved in residential, rural and commercial investing. "It's a fascinating business and Queenstown is unique in its investment opportunities. It has been for years, it still is, and I don't see anything changing that for some time to come," says Fred.

A family man with a love for the great outdoors, Fred’s always on hand and takes the time to make a personal connection with all hoamz property sellers.