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Selling your house at Christmas

Christmas and New Year are admittedly not times when people perceive it’s great to list their home. The very thought of having potential buyers coming through when family are staying, the tree is up, everything looks cluttered with decorations and you’re busy trying to buy and wrap presents can be one challenge too many for plenty of people!

However the fact remains that the property market doesn’t stand still. Sure, there is a statutory period when contracts will be unable to progress, but in the meantime buyers are still out looking for their next move. To help make achieving your real estate goals a little easier when you’re selling over the Christmas and New Year period, we’ve put together our hoamz hints for selling your home at Christmas.

  • Here in the Southern Hemisphere we have the advantage of not needing to shovel snow and keep paths clear over Christmas, however the garden in summer brings its own challenges. Make sure lawns are kept lush and green with regular watering, and try to pick weeds little and often to keep them down. If the in-laws are staying they might be keen to help.
  • Selling-your-home-at-ChristmasChoose your tree carefully – many of us love a real tree – the scent of pine and verdant foliage can light up a room, however pine needles dropping on the carpet can be a real nuisance. If your home is on the market, make it easy on yourself with a fake tree to avoid having to vacuum every day! Also on trees, try to pick one which doesn’t overshadow the room – a big tree can make a room look small.
  • Limit clutter- we appreciate that everyone has those traditional decorations, old family pieces and items the children made at preschool which come out every year, but it’s worth considering limiting them when you’re trying to sell. Lots of multi-coloured decorations on every surface can stop a potential buyer from seeing the space in a room and picturing their own furnishings in there.
  • Dancing snowmen and flashing lights are a no-no – yes, they’re cute and christmassy, but they can be very distracting! Loud noises and moving parts create Christmas ambience, but try to only bring them out on the key days of Christmas. If you can’t bear to have them in a cupboard, then at least keep them turned off when potential buyers come round.
  • And finally something to get you in the spirit – exterior decorations. Potential buyers will come past at all times of day and night, so if you’re a fan of a wreath on the door, a bow on the mailbox and lights around the front door, then get into it! Christmas-themed elements on the outside of your home can create a real warm, welcoming feel for buyers.