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Open homes – 6 reasons to have them

They’re a time-honoured tradition in real estate, but they can be a thorn in the side of vendors; think what you will, there’s no denying that even in this digital age, open homes remain an effective marketing tool. Yes, we totally understand the seller’s perspective – it can indeed be a nuisance to go to all the effort of making your home sparkling and taking the children out for an hour when there’s a chance no-one will even come though, or that the person who does could just be having a nosy, but let’s focus for a moment on the advantages:

  1. It can be the perfect way to actually spend LESS time cleaning and tidying – if agents can direct traffic to the open home, that means less individual viewings to prepare for
  2. There’s nothing last minute about them – the agent should notify you in advance of the time for that weekend, meaning plenty of time to plan your day
  3. Open homes can actually drive prices UP! Known as ‘social proofing’ if buyers perceive there’s a lot of interest in a property, it can mean a higher offer from them
  4. On the same note, seeing a lot of interest in a home can catalyse otherwise slow-moving buyers into some urgency
  5. They’re a valuable place for agents and subsequently sellers to receive feedback on a property. It’s a less pressured environment than a private viewing for buyers, so they’re likely to be frank and honest in their appraisal of the price, presentation and appeal of a homeOpen homes 6 reasons
  6. It’s an added promotion for your property – hoamz advertise our open homes on our website, , on flyers in the office, via email and in the Lakes Property Press – a great way to keep your home at the front of buyers’ minds

If you’re not sure about whether open homes are for you, then there’s no pressure. It’s a service we offer to our vendors, and one which we have the results back up, but we do accept that they’re not for every vendor. Just give me a call if you’d like more information.