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How do I set a price for my home?

How-do-i-set-a-price-for-my-homeIt’s a question we get asked all the time – particularly in the current market of multiple offers and record prices. Obviously in some instances it’s very hard to predict a price – perhaps because the property is unique, or because we know there will be huge demand for it – in which case a non-priced option such as an auction is the right choice. If, however, a fixed price is deemed most appropriate for your asset, then there are several things you need to consider before deciding on that price.

Naturally, every owner who brings their property to the market wants to achieve the highest sale price possible. We’re happy to provide you with an evaluation of the value of your property in writing. This isn’t just the personal opinion of one of our team, it’s the culmination of significant research into historic sales and unprecedented knowledge of the current market. Not only will we do this research on your behalf, we’ll give you a detailed breakdown of the most relevant information. In fact, any agency appraisal should always provide you with information on:

  • Details of similar properties in your area which have sold recently
  • How long it took to sell those properties
  • The sale price achieved compared to the original asking price
  • How your property compares

You can’t only rely on facts and figures however – after all, the x-factor in a home isn’t quantifiable. For this reason, your property will be discussed with our team to independently assess its value. The appraisal price is a combination of this research and team evaluations, so you know it’s based on the current market conditions.

Even if you’re not in a position to sell right now, it pays to keep on top of what your home is worth, whether for insurance purposes or to confirm equity in the home which can allow you to pursue other financial avenues. If you’re interested in finding out the value of your property in this market then please just give me a call.